Graticular blocks and datum modernisation consultation survey

The Department of State Development is currently investigating and seeking feedback on the potential implementation of an exploration licence graticular block system in the GDA2020 datum.


The Mineral Resources Division of the Department of State Development (the Department) has been investigating options for the modernisation of the way in which South Australia spatially represents and defines its exploration licences. In particular, the benefits of modernising the datum from AGD66 to GDA2020 and implementing a graticular block system, in line with other major Australian jurisdictions. We would like to take this opportunity to clearly state that:

  1. the Department has consulted with other states and understands the issues created when they have changed the coordinate datum and moved to graticular blocks; and
  2. no decision has been made regarding how the Department intends to achieve this.


It is envisaged that the key benefits of this project will make applying for exploration licences easier, reduce the time it takes to grant a licence and facilitate improved delivery of precompetitive data.

The Department has now reached a point in the project where we wish to seek the views of industry before moving forward, and would welcome your response to the questions asked in this survey.

More information about the proposed exploration licence graticular block system is available in the following download:




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