1. Project/Survey number


Has a project number been issued by Biological Databases of South Australia (BDBSA)?


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2. Project Survey/Name


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3. Project description


Please include background, aims and objectives (max 4000 characters)

4. Methodology or reference details if published


Please include details of any quantitative or qualitative survey techniques.


5. Methodology – species absence data


If the project has target species will absence data be recorded (ie “not detected”) 

6. Start date

7. Proposed end date

(if applicable)

8. Data status


Data Collection Stage  

  % complete (approx)
Field collection
Vouchers processed (eg specimens, images)
Data entry
Data validation

9. Data formats

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11. Data storage locations/s

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12. Data types

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13. Data distribution rules

Explain any restrictions on this data being distributed to DEW. If left blank we assume there are no restrictions. For further information on management of Environmentally Sensitive Data refer to the relevant section on the DEW Information Sharing Page or email DEWBioDataSupport@sa.gov.au

14. Information authority

The Information Authority is who the project is being done for. The Information Authority is accountable and responsible for the existence, documentation, classification and licensing of the data. Information Authorities can include Natural Resource Management Boards, government departments, local government authorities, educational institutions, non-profit organisations and public companies.

Please enter the specific name of the Information Authority for this project.

15. Project manager


Who is managing the project/dataset? Management encompasses a diverse range of functions including data capture, cleansing, security, maintenance, backup and distribution.


Please list (where known) the organisations involved in the different project management functions and where known, the names and core role for key people involved in each project activity. If more entries required list them in the Project Notes.
  Organisation Key personnel Core Role
16. Permits

Please state if applicable.
Scientific Permit Number
Animal Ethics Committee Name and Number

17. Study area description


Describe geographical boundaries of project ie coordinates, catchments, reserve name, etc. If available email a zipped shapefile to DEWBioDataSupport@sa.gov.au

18. Select all the map sheets that cover your study area


If you wish to specify map sheets at a different scale please contact DEWBioDataSupport@sa.gov.au


Check any that apply. Map sheet lookup available here


MAP SCALE 1:250000

19. Data projection/coordinate system


If known please indicate coordinate datum for the project:

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20. Project notes

Enter any additional details about your project that may be relevant to data management.

* 21. Name of person who completed the metadata form
* 22. Date completed